house move - New Alarm system or Old

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    Hi All.

    We are getting keys for our house in August and had a question around alarm systems as I've always live in apartments before ...
    Its an old house and it has an existing alarm system from what i understand .. As the existing providers service may be discontinued by the current owners before moving out - is it better to contact the service provider and continue the service or have a new system in place ?
    I see that phonewatch phone safety systems are around 41 euros a month for their system which is expensive
    However I really dont want to have an app based system before even properly settling in..

    We anyways wanted to have a new alarm system in place and if can someone can suggest alarm systems and service providers / cost ?

    thanks , raul
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    What is the existing system? PhoneWatch, AriTech, Siemens, HKC?

    PhoneWatch is the most expensive system in the country. Their technology is old, and can't be maintained by any other company, so once they have you, you can no longer shop around for monitoring or maintenance.

    If the system is by any other company, you will be able to shop around and of the PSA licensed providers in your area to get the best deal.