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    We have had a leak which required digging up tiles to fix. We have initiated a claim on the house insurance to make things right (retiling the floor painting etc). We have been told we are under insured and have submitted quotes for the work but the assessor has refused to tell us what % of the cost will be covered. He will only tell us at the end of the process. In addition we have no idea how our premium will be effected.

    I don't understand why the insurance assessor is asking for quotes and not receipts. Tradesmen seem to have a "oh is for an insurance claim" mentality.

    The whole process make us wonder will it be worth making a claim in the long run. Anyone got experience of this?
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    You will loose your no claims bonus. If you check your policy you will see what percentage you had so you can work out how much you will loose. If they say you are under insured you will only get a percentage i.e if they say you are 80% covered then you will only get 80% of the claim less the water excess which can be substantial - check your policy. Whether it is worth claiming or not depends on the cost of the repair. I would think you are entitled to know what percentage they will pay , I would contact their office and seek an explanation .
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    You should consider appointing your own assessor to help you with this claim. There are a number of sections under a home insurance policy relating to escape of water and you need to know the ins and outs of the policy to make sure you are getting what you are entitled to (for example, there is probably a monetary limit for 'trace and access' of leakage) there may also be a policy excess for the leak which needs to be taken into consideration.