Home House Insurance for 6 months... ?

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  1. noelbyrne

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    Since all my bills seem to be at the end of the year, thought I'd insure my home for 6 months and then next summer renew the insurance for 12 months. That means that from 2011, I would have moved the insurance bill to the summer, which is better for my cash flow.

    The odd fly in the ointment with this plan is no insurance company wants to insure a house for 6 months! I have phoned around most of the big companies and they only do 12 months. So here I am in a recession with insurance business to offer someone and no one wants to take it?!

    So does anyone know an insurance company which will insure a normal lived in home, for 6 months?

  2. niceoneted

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    I know this may not help with cash flow for now but would get to you goal but have you asked any would they insure you for 18 months?
  3. noelbyrne

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    In a sense 18 months is making the cash flow worse... if I have to (in Dec) I will take out a 12 month insurance but I would prefer 6 months.

    Also there is the idea of taking out 12 months and then canceling it after 6 months, but that's just messy and I thought it would cause me hassle.
  4. niceoneted

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    What about estimating what all the bills are that you are going to have to pay next November/December and starting in January put money away each week/month (depending on how your paid) so as the money is there and available when you need it.
  5. Ravima

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    what about doing it by the month instead? Most insurers provide this option.
  6. Gooner84

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    Why don't you take out household insurance for the year and cancel in six months and then take out a yearly policy again?
    Some companies may charge you a cancelation fee but not all will, especially if you take out a policy with the same company.
  7. bacchus

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    How come you end up with all your bills at end of year?

    Utility bills = monthly
    Health insurance = monthly or yearly
    Mortgage = monthly
    House Insurance = monthly or yearly
    Life Insurance = monthly or yearly
    Car Insurance= monthly or yearly.
    Road Tax = 3, 6 or 12 months
    Note: paying monthly sometimes attract high interest.