Hostel for family in Dublin.

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    We are booked in hostel in Four Courts in Dublin on Saturday night. Family of four is it a OK area don't know Dublin that we'll. Had a great experience in another hostel in another side of city a few years ago. Hostels are Great value for family trips.
  2. Bronte

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    I stayed in Smithfield in a hotel recently, that's not to far from there. That part of Dublin is very much on the up and up. And there's a tram line running along there all the way to O'Connell street. I found Dublin very expensive, for hotel and food.
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  3. rob oyle

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    Hotel-wise, I'd agree. Food-wise though, there's plenty of places to eat in for under the €10 mark (less so after 6pm). You can even fill up on a full plate of stuff from the Hare Krishna lads for €7 just off O'Connell Street!
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