Hospital Saturday Fund

Discussion in 'Health Insurance and healthcare costs' started by clionaricho, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. clionaricho

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    I am sure this has been discussed before but I cant find it anywhere.

    So was just wondering if anyone has been a part of this scheme or has any experience or any advice good or bad about these people

  2. Mongola

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    I looked at it myself a while ago...The HSF is not a health insurance. Many people who are on those plans seem to combine them with a traditional private health insurance. It seems to be good for medical day to day expenses.

    For example, if you are admitted in hospital, I believe that they pay a set fee per night, depending on the plan you are on. They will not pay for inpatient fees, surgery etc...

    Many expenses are not covered,
    You must also claim within 6 months of incurring the expense.

    The recurring statement seems to be that it does not replace a private health insurance.
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    I have been with the HSF for at least ten years and I find them great, I have got refunds for going to doctor, dentist, opticians I find them excellent to deal with very quick with payments
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    The plan only pays out for outpatient claims. Aviva and VHI also offer standalone outpatient plans.

    If you have a health insurance plan you could include generous outpatient cover within the plan without having to pay for separate cover.

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    Yes, I found them grand but very pernickety about claiming within a certain time. Also, the limits on claiming are on a rolling 12 month basis. I think I may join again as the private health insurance has become very expensive. has a very good comparison facility. Also, note that you can put kids on for free on one of Quinn's plans while putting yourselves on another also with Quinn. Slim