home carers credit for social welfare recipients

Discussion in 'Tax' started by mynewname, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. mynewname

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    If my wife is claiming disability benifit, (and I am working, we are jointly assessed) can she also claim for the home carers tax credit?

    The revenue website states the carers income must not exceed €5,080 for the tax year.
    So if her social welfare income exceeds this does this mean she can't claim?
  2. Black Sheep

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    No she cannot claim Homecarers tax credit as well as PAYE credit (which I assume she/you are claiming) and Paye credit is the better option
  3. Mrs Vimes

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    Pretty sure she can claim paye credit and home carers, it's increased rateband you can't have with home carers. If you ring Revenue they will give you whichever is most beneficial.
  4. Gervan

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    As Mrs Vimes says, OP's wife could have Paye tax credit as well as home-carers, but not with her income at that level. If she had been entitled to, and claimed, home carers credit for the previous tax year, she would be entitled to it for this year also, but it doesn't sound as though that is the case.
  5. Twang

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    I believe the 5,080 limit applies to taxable income. Some social welfare payments are taxable and others are not.
    I checked the citizens information website and i can't see disability benefit but i can see disability allowance which is not taxable - injury benefit is taxable