Highest Bidder but vendor looking for more


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to be fair to sell a house you need people to come and see it, if you set the price too high people who might talk themselves into it might never come to view.


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Yeah we both had a good feeling about the house just to be sure to be sure

Yeah checked residential property register and it's above value but house has moderations. Going to get privately surveyed if we do go ahead with it
Sounds like a reasonable approach. My only word of caution would be to get any works that you may wish to get done priced up in advance of progressing the sale. Getting work done today is very pricey....assuming you can find a builder with the time to do it!


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As long as you're sure . . :)
Ha ha. I thought about what I had written and realised what I would do wouldn't necessarily be a good idea for someone else to follow through on. I'm a ' house is a house there's loads of them, move on' others think a house is 'the one' and falls into a depression if it doesn't materialise.


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Thanks for all the advise

Ended up with a compromise eventually (owner wanted to take the curtains:() Now to try to sort out the legal mumbo jumbo stuff and ring around for lifetime insurance, mortgage protection and all the other requirements so still more before sign off

To quote Big Chris 'it's been emotional'