Height of a Two-storey house? - new build

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by pudzer, Aug 16, 2007.

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    We just got planning to build our new dream home - it was an arduous process there's no need to go there at the moment - I would have to go to 'Letting Off Steam' for that one!!
    Anyway, one of the conditions of planning is that the height of our house does not exceed 8m.
    In our planning application, the height was 9.75m.
    We are building a two-storey house and had hoped to use the attic as a playroom/den/spare room etc. Is that now impossible?
    Oh, the planners, the planners, the planners.......:rolleyes:
  2. sydthebeat

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    9.75 M is absolutely huge for a ridge height of a two storey dwelling....
    if you dont mind me saying so its bordering on the ridiculous....

    lets assume the ground floor level is 150mm above path level.... then lets assume a healthy 2.6 ground floor height, 250mm floor thickness, 2.5 first floor height and 250 ceiling thickness, this leaves you with 2250 to the top of the ridge....

    realistically this doesnt leave you with habitable space that conforms to the regulations for a habitable room, however you can use it for non-habitable uses....
    and also remember that if you install a fixed stairs serving your attic it then becomes a third storey you ned planning permission for the attic conversion.