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Discussion in 'Health Insurance and healthcare costs' started by liz kennedy, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. liz kennedy

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    Hi with Laya .. Due to renew today .. Couple over 60 ... On Connect Care 150 .. Comparing with Company Care no excess. . Baffled by it all ..any advice
  2. snowyb

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    Hi liz kennedy,

    Welcome to AAM. There is a pricing error on the HIA website on a number of plans including 'Company Care no excess, so that is not a valid option.

    Alternative option with Laya as follows;
    1. Simplicity plan; price 1087pa; same hospital cover as before, lower excess 100 x 2 max per year, good day to day - first 100 not allowed.
    This plan also fully covers a private room in a private hospital as per your current plan.

    Alternative option with VHI as follows;
    1. PMI 43 16; price 1136pa; public, private and hi-tech hospital cover included, 150 excess per admission, 50 excess per day case, good day to
    day cover -1 euro excess. Only difference to your current plan is not fully covered for a private room in a private hospital.|656|701&source=plans

    You have 14 days from renewal date to make up your mind.

    Regards, Snowyb