health problems that give access to medical card when your dependant on parents & under 26?


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is there any list of health problems that may be covered to get a medical card For people under 26 who are financially dependant on their parents in which the parents don’t have medical cards themselves?

It says "People aged 16–25, including students, who are financially independent of their parents may be entitled to a medical card if they pass the means test. If they are financially dependent on their parents they are normally only entitled to a medical card if their parents have one.", when they say “normally” what situations would they still approve you for a medical card when you're parents don’t also have one? Eg, if you had a chronic knee joint problem would this get you a medical card even if you were financially dependant on parents & under 26?


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From the HSE Medical Card Assessment Guidelines

"If you do not qualify for a card based on a means test, the HSE can consider if the cost of meeting your or your family’s medical and other health needs is fair and reasonable despite your income. This is often called a discretionary card and you would usually only apply for one after your application has been turned down on income grounds alone.

If you apply for a discretionary card, medical officers will assess your application to see whether they think you should have either a Medical Card or GP Visit Card.

The Medical Officer will consider if having to pay medical bills for yourself or your dependants is likely to cause you undue financial hardship. They will consider things like the cost of GP visits, medical and surgical services for you and your dependants."