VHI Health Insurance Renewal family of 4


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Can anyone advise best policy please?

We are a family of 4 - both in early 40's and 2 small kids under 4 & 8.

Have been with VHI
2 x adults on the PMI 40 15 plan
2 x kids on the One plan family
Annual cost was €2,390.64 or €199.02 per month

Renewal has just come in at slightly more...
Annual cost was €2,403.54, or €219.84 p/m

I rang and asked could they bring it down a bit...best they could do is move one adult to a 'Company Plan' which will reduce overall cost by €70

Would like to stay with VHI, but is this really our best option priceless?
We have no health issues.
I'll never understand having to insure kids as there are no private kids hospitals right? Do we need them insured?
I have a minor laser day case booked for December which is why I was advised not to change my current level of cover - in case it affects it they said..?



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I would recommend the following VHI plan for yourself, very similar price to your current plan, but much better cover all round. This plan includes good day to day cover - 50% refund for gp visits, consultant visits, dental etc. which is not covered on PMI 40 15. Details as follows;

1. VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3; price 1128pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered. Private/hi-tech hospital excess of 150 per
admission, day case excess 50 euro per day case procedure in a private or hi-tech hospital. There is no excess to pay in any public hospital.
Good day to day cover included 50% refund for gp, dental, consultant visits, etc.

The following VHI plan will suit your husband, details as follows;
1. VHI One Plan 250; price 832pa; all public and private hospitals covered, private hospital excess 250 x 2 max per year or 150 excess per day case procedure. Good savings pricewise on this plan.

Similarly, VHI One Plan 250 will suit your 2 children also, to make more savings if you decide to still cover them.
The main reason for insuring children is to avoid the public hospital waiting lists for surgery etc.
Price per child 179pa. Comparison in the following link;

Regards, Snowyb