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    I am looking for advice. I missed payments to my health insurance company in error and went beyond the 13 weeks timeframe. I just discovered this recently and they won't reinstate my policy.
    I am willing to pay the premiums up to date and have asked them, but they refuse to reinstate my policy as they say it has gone too late.
    I was wondering if there was any way around this as it will entail my family and I having to wait 5 years for any new procedures etc, even though I have been paying health insurance for over 15 years through Irish Life AVIVA and VHI.
    Any help/suggesstions would be great.
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    Hi Commercial,

    Firstly, the 5 year wait would only relate to any pre-existing conditions. Any new illnesses will be covered after 26 weeks waiting, regardless of
    your age. So it may not be as bad as it seems, depending if you have no pre-existing illnesses.

    The Health Insurance Authority advice in this type of situation( it happened to a friend recently) was to ask them to reinstate the policy as a
    goodwill gesture, that you are willing to pay all outstanding premiums and would like to continue as a customer of Irish Life. They are not
    obliged to do this and there's no guarantee of a positive outcome.
    If its a negative response, I would be inclined to consider alternative options and providers.
    What plan are you on at the moment?

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