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    My insurance is covered by work. I am currently on the Be Fit 2 plan and was wondering was there a better plan for the price (or say up to €1600) if anybody knows? I realise that is a hard question as peoples circumstances differ.

    For some background, 29, single, healthy male in dublin city centre. Things I like about my plan are the free first visits to GP/consultant, low excess on hospitals. I get confused by the private and high tech hospitals, does cover for these matter, are they actually better?

    I think things that would be useful to me might be some money off my gym membership/glasses/eye sight tests, travel insurance, dentist etc, every day expenses. Not really sure what else, there are so many plans it's an absolute nightmare going through them.
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    Hi Shane1883,

    The nearest better plan to your current cover is Irish Life Be Fit 3 price 1579pa.
    There are 2 free first visits to GP/consultant, a lower excess 75 on admission to private/hi-tech hospitals.
    The advantage of private or hi-tech hospitals is usually shorter waiting lists for surgery etc.|438&source=plans

    Regards, Snowyb