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My parents 63 and 67 yrs of age respectively have no health insurance currently, my mom is starting to have heart problems and i know there will be joint replacements in time for both in time.

At this stage is it too late for them to get health insurance?
what will be the repercussions of leaving until now?
Is there any particular plan you would recommend for them?

Your advice is really appreciated


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They can still take out health insurance but they will be faced with a loading of 2% every year from age 35. Also if they have preexisting conditions, they will not be covered for five years, however, any new condition will be covered immediately.


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Hi Kilconleagirl,

The loading for 67 year old is 66%, and the loading for the 63 year old is 58% of the policy price that they might choose.
It is worth taking out health insurance at this late stage, if they can afford it.
The following 2 plans are a good starting point, with Laya healthcare because they fully cover joint replacement surgery in all private hospitals.

1. Laya Essential Health 300; price 996pa + loading = 1664approx 67 yr old, 1575approx 63 yr old;
All public, private and Beacon hi-tech hospital covered; Private hospital excess capped at 300 x 2 max per year for all private hospital admissions.
Day case excess 125 per procedure. Very limited day to day cover on this plan. Cardiac surgery fully covered in the 3 hi-tech hospitals, with no
300 excess to pay. Also, hip and knee replacement surgery is fully covered in 10 private hospitals, no 300 excess applies to this type of surgery,
fully covered.

2. Laya Precision 600 Connect; price 711 + loading = 1189approx 67 yr old, 1122 approx 63 yr old.
All public, selected list of private hospitals covered (see link below for list of private hospitals covered just Hermitage private hospital Lucan and
Santry Sports private hospital are the Dublin private hospitals covered) Note; 12 private hospitals including the 3 hi-tech hospitals Beacon,
Mater Private Dublin and Blackrock Clinic are fully covered for hip and knee replacement surgery- no 600 excess to pay)
Also cardiac surgery is fully covered, no 600 excess applies in Mater Private Dublin and Blackrock Clinic.

12 hospitals fully covered for orthopaedic(hip + knee replacement surgery) in the following link;

Options 3 and 4 will also include full hi-tech hospital cover, plus good day to day cover with refunds of 50% for gp, consultants, dental, etc.
These 2 plans Laya Simply Connect and Laya Inspire tick all the boxes but are more expensive.
Option 1 or 2 above might be a good way of starting off for the first 3 years and then option 3 or 4 after that.

Link for 4 plans as follows;

While they will pay over the odds for health insurance, they would be getting cover at a time in their lives when health issues can arise and the choice
of a private hospital is invaluable. To put it into context, a hip or knee replacement surgery in a private hospital can cost 15000 - 16000 per surgery,
while a heart by-pass surgery can cost 25,000 - 30,000. So the cheapest option above, Precision 600 Connect fully covers these surgeries with no
excess to pay.

Regards, Snowyb

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