Health Insurance Health insurance - can I be refused cover again?


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I've had health insurance about 4 years now

I've had an op on one of my legs and its completely changed how i walk
I paid privately for the op as the health insurance company turned down cover - stating I needed 5 years of insurance*

it's likely I need a similar op on the other leg now as my walk is completely altered-
I'm rolling on my ankle and having tons of new problems on the opposite with such a drastic change from the opposite legs procedure - the oeprated leg is working completely differently now and bio mechanics are altered


Will the health insurance cover the procedure on the other leg as the first op has changed my entire gait and I can't walk
or will it be a case of them refusing cover again?

When something has created new problems and changed things - are they likely to cover it?

It is a unique situation as it's not a hip or knee replacement but an alteration in bio mechanics