AIB Has anyone been through aib appeals process yet


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Has anyone been through aib appeals process yet. If so we're you happy.
Still going true it myself having trouble getting call recordings etc from aib. Anyone else having the same problem. They seem to have all the the letters and calls that they need but strangely enough they have misplaced our letters and the machine that records calls was broken when icalled looking for help from them.
There argument is that i paid the mortgage on time and I was never under pressure.
Strange how they lost all letters and calls regarding me looking for help as I struggled borrowed starved etc to keep it paid.
Any how rant over
Two questions
Were you happy with appeal process
And did you have trouble getting you information regarding calls and other contacts you might of had with aib

Ps I only found out I should have been on a tracker when I called about going interest only for a while. This recording is also missing
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Just seen your post. We exchanged opinions elsewhere on this issue. My observation is that the process does not work and does not take account of the resultant complexities and pressure in peoples lives that came about due to mortgage over-charging.