Has anybody had a split mortgage review?

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    I have a split mortgage on my home loan with PTSB and I've received a letter informing me it's up for review and I must fill out a new SFS.

    Has anyone had a review?
    Also, how likely is it that PTSB will let me remain on the split mortgage if I've kept up all repayments to date and my personal circumstances haven't changed too much since I was put on the split mortgage?
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    Hi Cotter24.

    We have had two reviews with PTSB. Same procedure follows as last time. Fill in SFS and visit to your branch to meet with advisor etc. If nothing has changed financially you will continue to pay the same I would expect, they will write to you afterwards and let you know.
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    In same boat just received letter yesterday we are in split mortgage with PTSB and it has really helped us last three years we still just get by and will never be rich since we got the agreement we have had another child and our first is in school so our circumstances have worsened money wish a lot more expense but we would love to be allowed carry on as is because we are getting by.
    Just posting for some reassurance that everything will be ok because to be honest we are both very nervous since letter came and having to face into it.
    Even though worked out when we got agreement it caused us a lot of stress and our home is our palace so just a little reassurance and people that have been through it knowing what to expect etc greatly appreciated thanks in advance