Great-west LIFECO offer to purchase shares for cash


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I recently received documentation in relation to Great-west LIFECO offering to purchase shares for cash.
I find the documentation very cumbersome to fill out based on a cursory read of it.
The documentation states that I hold 480 Certified Shares. I have no record of actually holding physical shares or ever holding the shares. I see from the documentation that there are two certificate numbers with 240 shares attached to each certificate.
The award of the 480 certified shares probably arose out of Great-west Lifeco purchasing Canada Life. I wish to sell them now but cannot remember the origin of them. I would like to know was there a cost to me when acquiring them for the payment of CGT on them when I sell them This probably happened around 2003. I vaguely remember having a Canada Life Insurance policy around that time.
I was in very poor health at that time for about 7 years and on heavy medication. Thankfully in better health now. I would greatly appreciate hellp from any contributor to the forum