Got the dreaded letter from ptsb ref peppwr taking over my mortgage


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Hay, so we got the letter ie ptsb washed there hands with me!! which i wasnt serprised as ive been following news and forums on here.

I have a portion 111,000 split and paying full payments on other 200,000.

I was quite suprised that its the whole mortgage that is being transfered i thought it was only going to be the split amount.

Tried to find online how much peppers interest rates are now, i only recently fixed with ptsb for 2 yrs 3.8% will this carry over to pepper? And are peppers interest rates competitive or am i still going to be screwed over like i have been with ptsb for yrs!! Wyat with me been in negitive equity.

Actually pleased i am not at PTSB's mercy anymore and intend now to switch my bank account else where.