Ghandis views on modern civilization

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    I'm no expert on his views, but I find myself in sympathy with a lot of what he said.
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    And yet the more modern the civilisation is the freer the people are and the better their material quality of life is (spiritual or psychological wellbeing is so utterly subjective that it’s meaningless trying to quantify or compare it).
    Gandhi sounds a lot like Dev there, doesn’t he? :D
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    I'm a firm believer in individual freedom and that the freer a society the more prosperous it becomes. This can be backed by many studies, including
    The success of the "West" started with a gradual move away from monarchy and serfdom ultimately resulting in the most prosperous and free period in history, the industrial revolution.
    However, I believe that in the last 40 years freedom in the west has been very much deteriorating through ever larger governments and interventions in people's personal and economic lives. In my opinion this has culminated in the pretty much economic stagnancy of the last 10-15 years.
    This reminds me of last night's Now it's personal program on rte where an Irish Muslim convert said that Islam does not believe in any kind of freedom. That certainly would explain why there is not a single country on earth run under strict Islamic laws that is even remotely prosperous.