Getting basic channels on an older TV

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    Hi all...
    I am completely useless with TVs and getting frustrated.
    I basically have 2 older large tvs (sony lcds manufactuered in 2005 so not too old).they are probably the first of the flatscreens.
    I thought maybe naively that i could just stick a "one for all" indoor antenna into the back and do an autotune to pick up the basic irish channels at the very least. But when i do i get nothing. I have tried the same excercise on newer model flatscreens and it seems to work.

    Any idea how i get basic channels on thse older tvs?
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    The newer models probably have saorview, your old one more than likely doesn't and you would need some sort of a box to get it with the proper aerial too. Can't remember all the details of how to get it on an old telly, they were running lots of ads etc at the time explaining the options, someone here might remember or any tv shop could probably tell you if you're wasting your time or not.
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    Its as Monbretia said and it's all explained here, just schroll down the page.

    How it works
    In order to get Saorview you need to connect a Saorview box or Saorview TV to an aerial. Most TVs come with Saorview built in or you can adapt your existing TV with a set top box.

    In order to get a good signal we recommend you connect your Saorview equipment to an external aerial in the roof but make sure your cabling is of a good quality. Your local installer or retailer will be able to help you with this.

    Depending on your location, you may be able to use an indoor aerial to receive Saorview.

    What you get
    With Saorview you get access to channels from RTÉ, TV3, TG4 and UTV - the best in Irish content and the most watched TV programmes in Ireland, all for free. Plus you can listen to radio and access digital Aertel.

    If you have a satellite dish you should get whats called a 'combo' box to get both saorview and free to air satellite tv.
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    Utv Ireland was replaced with be3.
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