Get short term tenants to sign contract or not?


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I have great tenants who I had an excellent relationship with moving out of a rental property. When they gave me notice, one of them asked could his sister move in for a couple of months when they move out. This is because of a delayed house purchase or something to that effect. As these are good people I want to help and agreed. I also said they could pay the same rent which is now below market rate. The property is in a RPZ area.

My question is should I prepare a contract for the 2 months or is verbal enough in this case? Thanks
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In my opinion, as an ex-landlord and as a tenant on many occasions over the years, I would recommend a written contract.

Things often go wrong especially with friends and friends of friends.

Just be aware that after the tenant has been residing continuously in the property for 6 months they automatically acquire PART 4 rights; even if they have had multiple contracts: say 2 contacts of 3 months or 3 contracts of 2 months.


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What happens when tenants move out and there was no contract in place, but tenants were getting a good price on their rent and were on friendly terms with landlord? In a RPZ so can landlord charge going rent for new tenants because who knows what last tenants were paying? Just wondering.