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Hi all. Just starting to do a bit of research re retiring in october. I am working Dept of Justice. 35 years done.
I get a Gratuity / half pension then.
I am divorced since late Dec last year. I have the allowance/relief , as I keep young lad with me to go to college most days. (18)

So , when I retire , shortly , i will do a bit of bus driving. I have started now doing the odd day just to get used to it. Employer has me registered for tax
etc , as I want.
So i get 120 euro a day. when it arrives tro my account it reduces to 47!
If my initial "research" into this whole retirement thing is correct , with my pension being 32.000 and the standard cut of rate for me (Divorced) is 33.800
I will basically be still on the 40% tax plus USC , except for the first (33.800 - 32.000 = 3.300 divided by 52 weeks = 61) 61 euro or so a week!

Have I this approximately correct ? Thanks very much .....Dec.


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You can also claim an Age Credit when you reach 65 which is

Single, widowed, surviving civil partner or singly assessed €245
Jointly or separately assessed €490