GDPR and our Privacy Policy

Brendan Burgess

We have upgraded the Xenforo software on which Askaboutmoney runs.

There is a default Privacy Policy which you can find here

I was thinking of adapting to make it actually useful as distinct from just complying with the law.

Something along the following lines:

Privacy Policy

Be careful about what you post in public

This is a public forum. Even if you post anonymously, if the details are very specific others may identify you.

If you believe that you have compromised your identity

If you believe that you have disclosed too much in your post, then use the Report Post facility and the moderators will deal with it.

We collect very little information about you...

Askaboutmoney is a not-for-profit community forum. We do not collect any information other than the email address and IP address you use for registering and posting.

You may log in and change your email address at any time. However, if you put in a dud email address, you will not be able to recover your password if you lose it.

We do not email users other than in the following circumstances:

· You may be notified if someone sends you a Private Message. You can alter your preferences so that you will not be notified

· You may choose to be notified of responses to a particular thread or in a particular forum. Again, you may opt out of this at any stage.

In very rare circumstances where you have not logged in for a long time, and there is a recent response to an old post of yours, the moderators may email you and ask you to look at the post.

We reserve the right to report nuisance posters

If you post defamatory or offensive materials, you will be banned. If you persist, we reserve the right to report the email address and the IP addresses to the domain from which you are posting.

In almost twenty years, we have done this on only one occasion.


We only check user’s email addresses or IP addresses where we suspect some breach of posting guidelines e.g. a banned user registering again or someone anonymously promoting their own business.

If you opt for email notifications and later set up an out of office reply, you will be emailing us

For example, say user XYZ is If she sets up an out of office reply at , she will send us an out of office reply. We ignore it.

Brendan Burgess

As I write this, a more useful thread might be

"How to stay anonymous on and other discussion forums "

Don't use your real name as your user name.

Don't use a name you use on other websites where others may recognise you.

Don't post so much detail in your question that you may be recognised.

When you register, don't use your normal email address.

Don't register or post from your employer's office. Your IP address is logged.


Frequent Poster
But the Privacy Policy is more to do with how AAM deals with and uses member/guest info.

You're talking about advising how people can be safer on the net. I'd make a distintion between them.

Brendan Burgess

Hi Paddy. I want to cover both.

I want to go beyond the box ticking exercise and tell people how they can stay private.



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Nice idea Brendan, but I would advise keeping them separate. Your privacy statement should be factual and clear and fulfil your legal requirements.

Advice from you on good posting practice should be separate.