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    Please see attached photos of the gable end of a house we hoping to purchase.

    As you can see from the above pictures the wall obvioulsy needs some attention, at closer inspection you can see cracked rendering, i'm not 100% of how many and how deep the cracks but I will hopefully get some more detail including pictures in the next few days.
    I understand that its possible to fill basic cracked render but if the render is not attached to the brick anymore then the bonding has failed and it's a re-rendering job?
    What is the best method of identifying different types of render and what are the different types you would expect to see on a property of this age (turn of century)?
    Any ideas of costs for getting the complete wall re-rendered and potentially the front if required (I am only really after ball park figures as I need to negotiate with the vendor this weekend, I will obvioulsy get quotes to back anything up) and the work that would be involved?
    I also believe that the render currently covers a DPC (if one exists) would it be suggested to re-render down to above the DPC and then repoint the bricking below the DPC.

    On another note we will be demolishing the garage and breaking up and removing the concrete driveway.

    Any suggestion/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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    Surely you have got a surveyer in to see this and let him advise regarding this issue ?