funeral costs for person on carer's allowance

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    I wonder if anyone can help. An elderly neighbor who I look out for (aged 71) was recently bereaved. He had been a carer for his wife for over 30 years as she had a disability and needed full time care. He is a very genuine and caring person. Over the years they lived very frugal and he saved money in the credit union, i'm assuming nothing more than 8 to 10 thousand.

    The funeral costs are 4000 and he has no family support. He is applying now for his old age pension and the savings in the credit union are all he has to supplement his life over his ageing years. He will now be living on one income and still be heating house etc so will be living very basic and savings will be there for a respite break or other unexpected cost

    When I researched about him asking the community welfare officer for financial help with the funeral costs, it states that no income is disregarded for funeral costs means tests so does this mean that they will refuse him any financial support and he will have to use the only savings he has to his name to pay for all the costs?

    Any advice greatly appreciated as I want to save his the stress of approaching the community welfare officer if he is entitled to no support because he has credit union savings. he has no bank account.
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    The dead must be buried. The grant that was payable for PAYE workers is now gone.

    alas, he must pay the burial costs.
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    The credit union might also help. They have some payouts for funerals.
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