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    Has anyone been to Fuertaventura and any good/bad comments.

    I know it is pretty quiet, but that suits fine as am basically looking to laze and relax on a beach for a week with a dinner and a few quiet drinks at night.

    Will be going in the middle of May.

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    The main resort is at the top of the island. I don't know anything about it. However, along the coast around the middle of the island there is a new-ish resort town called, I think, Caleta de Fuste. We stayed there a few years ago; accomodation was fine, food and facilities reasonable, but if the wind was coming across the island (i.e. coming across the island and blowing out to sea, as opposed to in from the sea) there was a huge amount of red dust (volcanic ash) and it gave our child a bad chest problem. She was hospitalised for 5 days. Apparently it is quite common when the wind blows a certain direction. There were other children in the hospital with the same complaint and asthma inhalers were selling like hotcakes (without prescription) at the pharmacy.

    I don't know how common these conditions are, and I imagin that in the main resort area at the top of the island (where you have water on three sides, it being relatively narrow) it is hardly likely to be a problem. But if you have a weak chest or small children, stay clear of Caleta de Fuste.
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    Re: Fuerteventura


    Mrs C and I went there two years ago and found it great. Not a lively spot but plenty of nice restaurants and quite bars to enjoy a meal and/or a few drinks without having hordes of lager louts bumping into you.

    Found everyone to be very friendly and helpful, mind you we went at the beginning of the season so that may have helped.

    Beaches are lovely, but be warned they are very windy. Also if you have kids you may want to be aware that there is a lot of nudist sunbathing on the beach.

    We stayed at the Atlantis Palace Hotel in Corralejo, the main resort, and found it to be fantastic.

    Would have no hesitation in recommending the resort or the hotel

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    Went there last summer, staying in Corralejo. Had a small baby with us so night life for us would have consisted of a meal&few drinks then early night. Restaurents were good though, and reasonable. We hired a car and explored plenty of beaches, some of which were simply breathtaking. I'd highly recommend it, but one warning, check your accomadation will have air-con!
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    We went there a couple of years ago - it was our first and probably last package holiday, but saying that, we still had a lovely visit. We stayed in Calete de Fuste, which was much more family oriented and prettier than Corralejo. (we went in the pre-kids days, so I can't comment on travelling there with kids.) We rented a car and drove around the island - those were the best days. Some of the beaches are spectacular - better than carribean or some we have seen in Asia. We went off season in February and my biggest complaint was that is was just too cold and windy. I ended up wearing jeans and a fleece except for a couple of hours in the afternoon. There are some excellent SPanish restaurant, tapas bars, etc. And a wonderful local bakery in Caleta. Hope you have fun if you go.