Fuel Prices


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I know about low margins in fuel prices ordinarily. My point is that margin was increased exponentially during the lockdowns

The current UK price for diesel is £1.22 (€1.38)

A report from 2008 has no relevance to my point
Last Saturday the average UK price was £1.30.5 for diesel - that was from petrolprices.com. In Bishop's Stortford the price ranged from 128.9 to 132.9 p stg
I just checked Leicester. Prices are a little lower at 124.9 Tesco to 132.9 Esso

Average UK price has dropped to 129.6 stg today.

BTW - I have zero connection to the fuel trade. Never had a connection and doubt I ever will, but years ago I wondered myself about the frequent price changes, but instead of just complaining I went and found out what the price was compiled from and it was so easy to find the unformation i wondered why the media never bothered to check themselves - then I realised that the media always want to report bad news. (note how they rarely report that prices drop)

the 2008 report was a comprehensive statutory report as the precise same questions were being asked. As it was a statutory report, the answers had to be provided with backup. As the answers did not suit the mantra that prices rise quicker than they fall, it barely got reported, cos only bad news sells.


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I'd noticed price increase last week.
And then double whammy - I may have mis-read it, but I think the vat rate returned to 23% on 1st march so that caused a bump.