FTB looking for best value 3 year fixed term mortgage


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I am about to draw down a 3 year fixed term mortgage with PTSB with an 80% LTV. The fixed rate is 2.7% and I am going with PTSB for the 2% cashback and 2% monthly cashback. I clearly know ulster bank as a much better fixed term rate and so do KBC.

Is there any reason why i should not go with PTSB to get the cashback and then switch to KBC or UB after the fixed term is finished? I cannot see any reason why I would not go with a bank that does cashback? Why would any first time buyer ever go with ulster bank if it has no cashback because I can just end up with them after I get the cashback?


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UB includes child benefit as income. This might swing it for some people on affordability or lti limits. You can go on a variable with PTSB and then switch immediately too.

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For the love of god please read the posts about switching 4/5 times even as a FTB and get all the cash backs from all the banks. JUST DO IT.