Fso process do I need a solicitor or other help with complaint

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    I am about to make an appeal to the fso for non payment of claim for income protection

    Did anyone ever get a solicitor or anyone else to help with process?

    I feel that I have to be very careful and strong in my claim and how I put things so it's interpreted in the correct way.
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    no you don't need a solicitor for the FSO process but you may want a 3rd party to have a look at it if you feel they would be more informed than you would presenting the information to the FSO.

    I mainly did a claim myself regarding a tracker mortgage. I know a lot would have had a financial advisor take the case for them in that sphere - perhaps there are some brokers who deal in this area who may have experience in putting forward claims to the FSO who you may be able to engage?
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    Normally, I would say that you don't need anyone to help you.However, I have read your description of the complaint, and, to be honest, it's impossible to understand.


    The FSO does try to help consumers articulate their complaint, but you would be making it very difficult for them.

    I would not recommend a solicitor as they tend not to understand financial issues or insurance matters. I like the suggestion of using a broker. How did you buy the policy? If you used an insurance broker, they may well help you to process your claim.

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    Insurance companies are good @ finding viable non payment issues.
    From experience, the FSO will work on a more Letter of the Law rather than our perceived Spirit of the Law .
    In other words it is quite possible your complaint falls into an already proven Law category (even if that is unfair)..
    There are a lot of knowldgable posters on AAM so if you give us good info , you will get good advice.
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    There are many cases similar to yours which have been through the Courts previously. As you haven't stated who you're claiming from, it's impossible to offer an opinion.