From Santry to Dunboyne


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Just looking for opinions please. We live in Santry. An old terraced house with room to build up and out. We have 3 small children and we do need some more room (but we can sort that really) It is just that the girls go to school in Drumcondra and like many other parents we are constantly in the car. We both work so always stuck in traffic... My husband would love to move to Dunboyne. He has found a nice house and we went to view it. I can't fault it. Nice 4 bed semi D. Schools right beside house. Children could walk to school and it is not a long journey for us for work. The thing is while I am not particularly fond of santry (very built up and very busy) I have made lots of friends over the years and have a little network. My dream is to move to drumcondra and keep kids in their school but with prices going as they are that is a pipe dream.

So really the options are stay where we are and build on or move and maybe have a better quality of life (don't know). I have made extensive enquiries and I can't find anyone to say anything bad about Dunboyne. All seem very happy there.

To add to it we were one of those families who got our tracker back so our mortgage payments have come down significantly. They wouldn't go up too much with the house in Dunboyne as we keep the tracker plus 1% but that is still something to think about.

One person who has older children said that Santry will be great for the children when they are older - college if they want and access to town. It is something she notices now that her children are older teenagers.

I know this is ultimately a personal decision for my husband and I. We keep going round in circles without coming to any conclusion. Any opinions much appreciated.

thank you.