Free / cheap parking in Dublin on a Saturday

Discussion in 'Travel, accommodation and restaurants in Ireland' started by Carnmore, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Carnmore

    Carnmore Frequent Poster

    Is there somewhere free or cheap to park within reasonable walking distance of Iveagh Gardens (Taste of Dublin)for a medium-sized van from 12-4pm on a Saturday?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. huskerdu

    huskerdu Frequent Poster

    Not really, but it depends on your definition of cheap and reasonable walking distance. It also depends what direction you are coming from, so you're not snarled up in city centre traffic getting to the car park

    If coming from the southern end of the M50, you can park in Ballaly or Sandyford for 4.50 for the day and get the luas, which would avoid a lot of hassle.

    AFAIK, All car parks in the city centre are a minimum of €3 an hour.

    The Tivoli car park off Thomas St. is €2.50 an hour and has a daily max of 12.50.
  3. niceoneted

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    There is some free parking on Fiztwilliam Square and some surrounding streets.
  4. Carnmore

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    I'll be coming in from the M1. After Taste of Dublin I'll be going to Stillorgan so perhaps Luas parking might be an option?
  5. Muz

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    The on street parking in the Sandyford Industrial Estate is free on weekends.
  6. Broadcaster

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    If you book online beforehand you can park in the Fleet Street car park for just 10 euro for the day. Very central and good value.