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Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by not HAPPY, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. not HAPPY

    not HAPPY Guest

    Has anyone else invested in Fortuna Land/ Fortuna Estates/ Oanna Group?

    I bought shares in a site in 2005 from Fortuna Estates. They were bought out and reformed as Oanna Group. The directors have gone missing in the last two weeks and i am now being contacted by a third party offering to procure a refund for 8% on no-foal-no-fee basis but have my suspicions as they had all my details and where did they get them from?

    I beleive that many irish investors were similarly duped (total of 35,000 people) and would like to form a group to pursue the best possible way to maximize returns at this late late stage.

    Any suggestions on legal route through Spain welcome.
  2. Guest119

    Guest119 Guest

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    not happy,

    Do a search for a previous thread on here, and Overseaspropertycrash and Singing Pig.

    I was warning about this outfit from the start 4 years ago, but people would rather believe sales spiel.

    It appears that the people behind this <> are reported to be in Sri Lanka (thanks to your money and many others), and as for maximizing returns ...... according to other victims there are no returns. You own diddly squat.

    Originally, I warned against buying a share in a field (Heavily promoted by Streetwise Publications in UK, who banned me from their forum). Turns out they reportedly didn't even own the fields they were selling !.

    Apparently, the outfit offering to pursue your claim - for a fee - are the original scammers !.

    Barnum & Bailey were spot on.
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  3. ajapale

    ajapale Moderator

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  4. Angus Thomps

    Angus Thomps Guest

    I also have " investment" in Oanna / Fortuna and would be very interested in forming a group as you suggest. how do we contact?
  5. hawkmar

    hawkmar Registered User

    Thank god i didnt invest with these guys they use to ring at least every few months an me ask did i want to invest in there land deals, it seem to good to be true, bunch of scamers.


    If You Wish To Discuss This Issue ,
    Please Contact Me On 086-6295578

    If You Wish To Discuss Oanna , Please Contact Me
    On 353-086-6295578
  7. DHard

    DHard Guest


    I have the exact same expereince. Invested in early 2005. I never got land title deeds which they were supposed to send on after numerous phonecalls. Met these guys in Dublin again after I invested. They told me everything was on track. I invested in Casadores Reales €10,000

    Then I kept up the calls frequently ion last 6months. Got a phone call from another "Division" of theirs trying to sell me shares in a lottery syndicate!! It was called MCAT.

    I rang again recently and they had changed their name to Oanna. A staff member there told me they had to change and move from Feungirola as a Director had being kidnapped!!

    I have tried their phone recently but can't get through.

    Just yesterday I got a call from an "investigator" who said he can recover the debt and proceeded to ask for my credit card details. He said he was appointed by the Spanish Government. He told me apparentlty 35,000 people were caught in the dealings.
  8. Guest119

    Guest119 Guest


    Apparently these 'investigators' are connected with the people behind Fortuna, just trying to extract more money. Why would a government probe require your cc details ?.
  9. ajordan

    ajordan Guest

    hi there all.

    I am yet another silly fool to have been duped by these <> from fortunaland. I am in it to the tune of 30k which i am fast beginning to think is gone gone gone. I would be interested to know about and hear from any other irish and english investors so we might pool our knowledge and resources with a view to getting some form of redress against these <>.

    i too have had a call from European mediation and he is due to ring back tonight so he can fill me in on what they are offering by way of a debt-recovery service. He will get an earful from me.
  10. OverseasCafe

    OverseasCafe Guest

    Don't give him an earful right away. I'd be inclined to draw him out to get as much information out of him about his own company and its relationship to Fortuna/Oanna as you can.

    For instance, he might be able to tell you the exact status of the lands 'owned' by Fortuna/Oanna/Blueskies, what level of development/planning, if any was achieved, how many investors are involved and how much money is at stake in total. Of course he may not know any of this but it's worth a shot anyway.

    I'd also be inclined to ask how previous cases they've taken against Fortuna/Oanna have gone.

    All this could be useful information for yourself and other investors down the line.

    Once you've drained him by all means give it to him between the eyes.
  11. brandy

    brandy Guest

    Hi All
    I also got a call telling me the directors of oanna were the same people that were involved in Fortuna. I visited their office in Spain about 12months ago. Met some of their staff whome I thought were the biggest spoofers I had ever come across. Unfortunatelly I had invested as well back in 2005 There was no sign of any reference to Fortuna all signs up in their office were for oanna. When I made some enquiries in the local area I was told they changed the signs one night, and I was also told to have nothing to do with them as they were a well rounded team of con artists.
    I got phone calls from them this year trying to sell shares and I was contacted by a company this week telling me that their directors were arrested in fuengirola last thursday and in court on Friday. I had 2 days to look at this companies website and then they want to call me back and get me to instruct them to start proceedings to recover my money. Very suspicious I must admit but I will do nothing until I see when their company was formed and also when I receive a list of their directors and have them checked out, so that's my story so far.
  12. DHard

    DHard Guest

    Does anyone have any information on how we can proceed we with this? Anyone moved on it yet?


    Not Sure Where You Got 35000, But The Group Is 1000+ in Ireland
    Listen To Joe Duffy Next Tuesday 9th Dec 2008.
    There Is A Group Currently Being Formed To Commence Legal Action.
    You Need To Log Into Or
    Key Into Google Search -key In James Sathasivam + Follow Link
    To Scams+
    The Irish Forum Communications Are Being Amalgamated At E Mail initially
  14. Guest119

    Guest119 Guest

    Whilst I can understand the victims of this affair are angry, I would counsel against throwing too much more money away in legal costs. The people behind this will no doubt have ensured that their assets are squirelled away beyond the reach of the law. Let's face it, if they are 'clever' enough to fleece so many people over a comparatively long period (at least 4 years) they are well aware that one day they will have to cut & run, and will have planned accordingly.
  15. MandaC

    MandaC Frequent Poster

    Absolutely agree with the above post.

    I may have said somewhere on the above post or another post to do with Fortuna, that I looked into the Fortuna set up about 2 years ago because someone had invested a 3 figure sum in these lands.

    The conclusion I came to at the time was that the money was well gone even at that stage and it was a waste of time and would never be recouped.

    I also had a private e-mail from someone on this forum ,from a poster who I had never heard of before, or since. I think they were trying to ascertain what I had found out. Needless to say, I did not reply.

    This is one of those things you see on "Watchdog".

    Whilst it is admirable to form groups, to gather information, etc, I would be very weary of throwing good money after bad, clocking up large legal fees, which again will have to be paid by the original investors.

    It is really terrible that people get away with this type of thing.
  16. stevemac

    stevemac Guest


    We have also invested in Fortuna. I'm finding it hard to find any new information regarding forming a group to chase the investment we have all made. Is it of any value to any of us? Does anyone know if anyone is persuing any of the suggestions raised in these forums?
  17. Guest119

    Guest119 Guest


    You will find fellow victims on SingingPig discussing group action (not that I think it will do any good).
  18. stevemac

    stevemac Guest

    Thanks, I will check it out but I have my doubts as to the likelyhood of any success now.
  19. Hans

    Hans Frequent Poster

    Capital Land Acquisitions Ltd are offering a simular deal here but this time the land is in England they were advertising here in Ireland and I know someone who has invested with them. For 20K they received a plot of land and told they will earn 25% when they get planning permission. Did anyone hear of this company
  20. Guest119

    Guest119 Guest

    Get your friend to check out

    Essential reading for anyone foolish enough to be tempted by these kind of outfits.
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