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  1. okidoki987

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    Anybody know any other airline apart from Aer Lingus that flys to direct to Warsaw?
    What's the city like?
  2. Tony Soprano

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    Direct Service

    There are hundreds of direct services to Warsaw. Here
    are a few.

    New York(JFK) - Warsaw
    Polish Airlines LOT

    Moscow - Warsaw
    Polish Airlines LOT

    London(LHR) - Warsaw
    British Airways
    American Airlines

    New York - Great City
    Moscow - Even Better
    London - The Best

    Hee Hee
  3. okidoki987

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    Re: Direct Service

    Tx Tony.
    That's what I get for not proof reading the post first.
    Should read Dublin to Warsaw!
  4. carla

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    warsaw flights

    Aer lingus doesn't fly to Warsaw, they're starting in June. There is no direct flight at present. KLM go as do BA, Lufthansa, LOT (polish airline), and a lot of others. Try to see all flights. They all stop off at different places depending on the airline - Amsterdam, Zurick, Frankfurt etc.
  5. Tony Soprano

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    Direct Service

    The only airline that fly Dublin to Warsaw direct is Aer Lingus. However having just checked their site - it does not start operating until 01-06-2004.
    Did a search for a flight in June - €163 return - seems pretty reasonable to me!
    Never been to Warsaw myself.
  6. sounds to me like you are on commission Tony?!?!?!