Laya Flex 500 Explore ~ any alternatives out there?

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    I'm on Laya Flex 500 Explore (have been for the last few years).

    It's up for renewal at €757.10

    Any opinions on this scheme? Any better alternatives available?

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    Laya Flex 500 Explore includes cover for all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals. Any slightly cheaper plans would not have hi-tech hospital cover and the private hospital list would be restricted. Once you're ok with the 500 excess which is payable if you are admitted to a private or hi-tech
    hospital for a stay, this is a good plan.
    Examples of cheaper plans with less hospital cover;|377|443|254&source=plans

    If you wanted to maintain the same hospital cover, with a lower excess 300 per admission, with extra cover for a private room in a private hospital, plus good day to day cover included, the following plan with Laya is worth considering;
    1. Laya Control 300 Create; price 972pa;|462&source=plans

    Regards, Snowyb
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    Thanks Snowyb ... your comprehensive reply is very much appreciated.

    I'll follow your advice and stick with the Flex 500. I'll stay away from the Control 300 Create - primarily because of cost.

    Touch wood I'll escape another year without having to call on it.

    (AAM is very lucky to have you on here to give of your time so freely in relation to Health Insurance matters. This part of AAM would be very quiet without your very helpful contributions)

    Thanks again for your help.
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