Fixing or Building Garden Wall


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Our garden wall in the back has leaned outwards at an angle due to a tree that was pushing it out. The tree has been cut down and removed but the wall has permanent damage.

How much should I expect to pay for someone to fix that or if it cannot be done, for someone to build a wall?

The wall is 2m in height and 6m in length.


Pinoy adventure

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4 inch solid blocks are about €1 each.if building in 4 inch solids you'll need a 300x300mm foundation x 6m long costing about €220-€360 concrete dug out 2 lads 2 days is about 240. Motor will be 2 bags about €120.labour 2 lads x €125 per day allow 3 days and a skip coasting about €250.
You'd be between €1800-€2500.
Capping would add another 150-200.

You can keep costs down a lot by taking the wall down yourself,digging foundation,loading blocks,filling skips etc.some people buy top soil so bag it up or some of it.

We only got a wall done our self and would gladly recommend them if your based in Dublin.