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  1. Slim

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    Hi all,
    I am interested in getting a pair of these for Xmas for Mrs. Slimmer and me. However, I find the reviews confusing and very technical. My main aim is to monitor my progress from couch potato to fit chap while Mrs S is much more active but in leisure mode (pilloxing etc) not amateur athletics. TBH, neither of us is likely to take up jogging, at least not for now. What fitness tracker would you recommend. We are mostly Android, Samsung smartphones, 1 ipad and 1 asus tablet.

    Thanks, S.
  2. Delboy

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    did you make a purchase in the end?
  3. Slim

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    I didn't but son bought his mum one for last Christmas. She loves it and the functionality is great. It was Fitbit make. Since then, the strap has detached from the centre processor and Mrs. S. contacted Fitbit through a Facebook page. They offered a replacement or 50% off a new fitbit. As the warranty would have expired with the anniversary of the first purchase of the first item, she opted for 50% off a new Fitbit Charge. She's very happy with it and Fitbit were brilliant in customer services. Now she wants to get me one!!
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    That happens all the time with Fitbit. I went through 4 of them, getting a new one each time because it was under warranty. Everyone I know who has had a fitbit has had to return it at some stage. You'd think they'd get the production of the product right.

    Fitness trackers are great to get started as you can see when you haven't achieved your daily exercise goals. If you've been setting fitness goals for yourself, it makes you get off your backside and do it. Once you get into a routine and regular exercise is part of your routine, they have limited use as you know that you are achieving your goals anyway.

  5. losttheplot

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    I've gone through 3 Fitbit Surges. Strap design for the blaze is different. Surge strap lasts about 3 months. Have the blaze almost a year now and no issues.
  6. Ravima

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    Having gone through the fiasco of the SURGE, I've switched to GARMIN. Looks more solid and neater too on the wrist