Health Insurance First time insurance for 68yo


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My Dad is about to turn 68 in June and I want to get him health insurance for the first time. He's in good health, and I'd be keen for him to have access to a private hospital for general medical care, with cover for orthopedic and cardiac issues and cancer care going forward. Not too concerned about everyday medical costs or dental.

I've done some research, both on this site and elsewhere and it looks like Laya's control 600 connect policy at 1678 is the most cost effective option. Would greatly appreciate any input people may have with regards to potential alternatives? Many thanks!


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Your Dad has to have a good think about whether private health insurance is a good buy at 68 years old.

In Ireland higher charges apply to people who are 35 years of age or older when they first take out private health insurance. There is a 2% loading for each year over 34 years of age. So, for example, if you are 35 the cost is 2% higher than for a person aged 34 but if you are 68 then the cost is 68% higher (2% x 34 years).
The only exemption is if you live outside Ireland and move to Ireland, a loading will not apply if you take out health insurance within nine months of coming into country, and continue to be insured with a Plan after that.

Say he gets health insurance (a) the loading will apply and (b )the issue of pre- existing health conditions would apply.
The Insurance company defines a "Pre-existing condition is an ailment, illness or condition, the signs or symptoms of which existed at any time in the six months before you took out health insurance for the first time". That's cut and dried. So because the elderly person might thinks he will require a hip replacement there is likely symptoms of some sort at an elderly age. If so he wouldn't be covered for that for the first 5 years of joining. The question he would also need to ascertain would be would they cover that pre existing condition, after the 5 years expired and he was paying premiums for previous 5 years?

I assume it would be difficult to get private hospital care plan for anything less than an annual premium of two and half to three thousand per year - because of the loading - and he would want to get reasonable cover.
A hip replacement costs between €10k and €15k. They say private hospitals may negotiate the price if they are contacted directly and a person is paying himself directly.

At this stage of his life you have to aske the question does does it makes sense to take out private health insurance with the loading and the 5 year delay for pre-existing conditions? Paying €3k per year would mean having paid out €12k in 4 years time and pre-existing conditions would still not be covered.