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    Our company is considering doing a financial wellness program.

    Just wondering if anyone has managed or experienced one of these programs. I'm particularly interested in what worked well and what didn't.

    Note to Mods: Apologies if this is in the wrong forum......should there be an Employee Benefits Forum?
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    I was considering something similar recently but it didn't come to anything.

    I presume that you have an external company coming in to run it? I would imagine one on one discussions with employees who wished to avail of the service would be the most productive and provide the most benefits. No point in jamming information at employees who do not want it.

    My current company does not have a good pension set up. If yours does perhaps get someone in to discuss pensions with the whole company initially and then offer a one on one service if anyone had specific questions about their own circumstances.

    I think courses of this nature are a great idea, especially if they were provided by work. I have helped 2 colleagues claim a combined €5,000 tax back from the revenue in the last year with relatively straightforward queries. I have friends who are professionals who know absolutely nothing about how to approach finances and are happy burying their heads in the sand because they think anything to do with tax or entitlements is very complicated. It is usually a major life event that gets people to focus, first house/baby etc.
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    Thanks David,

    Absolutely - but not sure who to go for? Incumbent employee benefit consultants, another EBC, one of the accounting firms, specialised provider, etc.