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    I hope to buy some property within the next few months but I feel i need real, professional advice- I am a first time buyer in the Dublin area with a budget of approx €350,000

    I have trawled through the various sources of info:
    - This venerable website
    - Property Forums
    - Property sections in newspapers...

    However, before I really start into the process of bidding on houses / finally choosing location i was thinking of visiting a financial adviser. Hopefully they would be able to offer me info from a more informed perspective.

    Is this a crazy idea? Will i receive biased info only based on their clients / portfolio?

    The financial adviser i was thinking of visiting in Hunston Financial Advisers on Merrion Sq.

    Thanks for any help....please feel free to offer whatever advice you deem appropriate.


    Multi Billionaire ;-)
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    Personally I don't think that in most cases a first time buyer should be buying an investment property as their first property purchase. They would be better off first buying a place to live and availing of the first time buyer "perks" with regard to stamp duty, mortgage interest relief, CGT exemption etc.
  3. Clubman,

    Sorry if I didn't make myself clear....and i agree with you totally about buying first time as an investment btw.

    I want to buy a house in which I will live.

    However I would like the advice of someone who would be able to recommend areas with potential, schemes etc. (I doubt the first house i will buy will be the house i will spend the rest of my life in. But I want my decision to be as informed and prudent as possible.)

    So, in short, is my decision to visit a financial adviser like this a flawed one? Will I learn what I want or is there someone else I should talk to in order to learn this? I want to talk to someone who deals with buying and selling on a regular basis...who has experience.
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    I want to buy a house in which I will live.

    OK - you posted in the wrong forum so and I've moved it into the Mortgages and Home Buying forum instead. The Property Investment forum is intended for queries about investment/rental properties.
  5. I'm confused - what would a financial adviser know about where to buy a property? Surely you'd be better off talking to an estate agent?