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    Hi, If I want to discuss the following issues, who should I go to? A CFP? CPA? suggestions?

    We are 39 and 40 year old Irish/US married couple with 2 kids and would like to discuss:

    -estate planning
    -ensuring adequate life/illness/disability coverage
    -what to do with US retirement accounts left in US ( All Vanguard Admiral shares!)
    -Irish DC plans ( Both with work Irish Life plans, 80% global equity, 20% bonds, ridiculous at how they charge completely different fees for the same thing in different workplaces)
    -possible alternatives to contributing max AVCs to a high-fee Work IL DC plan
    -possibility of taking out US Social Security instead of the Irish State Pension
    -possible future investments outside of pension-wrapper
    -feasibility of moving to one salary or Work optional/Semi-retirement/FIRE lifestyle in 5-10 years and the implications on pension plans and savings need

    Not interested as much in specific financial product recommendations, rather looking for advice on how to maximise our tax/pension/financial situation ( legally!). Product-wise we don't have much room for investing in more than the Max AVCs that go into our DC plans now as we pay for 2 full-time places in crèche.

    We won't be much good for commission-based advisors as we don't have much scope for buying new financial products, but I am happy paying a fee for good advice.

    Thanks for the help.
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    In the US I would have gone to a fee-only Certified Financial Planner but I don't know what the equivalent is here in Ireland....
    Any suggestions, links, would be appreciated