Laya Family Plan Renewal


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My health insurance is up the end of the month, currently with Laya, myself and my wife on Control 300Create, and 2 boys (11&15) Essential Connect Family and wondering if these are the best policies to renew with.

Based in Dublin, so what we are looking for is good cover,
Semi-private in private hospitals,
Orthopedic and cardiac cover with minimal contribution (dont mind the per stay/treatment cost, but don't like the VHI 20% personal cost),
boys probably may need dental work (braces/extraction etc. in time) not sure if these are covered,
day to day not cover not critical, as touch wood limited visits to GP/Physio per year, but obviously if plan had this for limited extra then might be worth considering.

Renewal for the 4 of us under current plan is €2,410, so what are the alternatives to consider, we are on different policies, as the one for the boys had better cover than the one we are on for less money for child prices,

We are all active and play sports,

Thanks in advance for suggestions,


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Hi cloughy,

The following Laya plan is worth considering for the adults. The main difference with your current plan is a lower capped excess for admissions
and no cover for a private room in a private hospital. Details as follows;
Adult Options;
1. Laya Simply Connect plan; price 1100pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, private/hi-tech excess capped at 150 x 2 max
for all admissions, day case excess 50 per procedure. There is no excess to pay in any public hospital. Good day to day cover included, 1 euro
excess, 50% refund for gp visits, consultants, dental, physio etc. - subject to a max refund of 500 per year.|518&source=plans

Child Options;
The childrens current plan Essential Connect Family, is included in the special offer for kids with Laya, whereby you just pay for the 1st child
and the rest of the children are free. Another plan also included in the offer is called Essential Health 300. Details as follows;

2. Essential Health 300; price 234pa(price for all children.) all public, private and Beacon hospital covered, cardiac covered for Mater Private
and Blackrock Clinic. Private excess capped at 300 x 2 max per year for all admissions. Day case excess 125 per procedure.|698&source=plans

Regarding cover for braces/orthodontic treatment, this is not covered under health insurance plans, only routine dental is covered.
For example, fillings, extractions, cleaning etc are partially covered under health insurance.
Plans would cost 257 per child Control 300 Create; or 280 per child Simply Connect Plus.

Orthodontic treatment/braces can be claimed through a Revenue tax rebate of 20% max on a Med2 form, together with your Med 1 annual claim.

De-care dental plans;
There are seperate stand alone dental cover plans which covers orthodontic/braces upto a max refund of 1000 per lifetime.
There are 3 dental plans, Level 4 only, that cover braces - orthodontic treatment.
The thing is, there is a 2 year wait before you can claim for braces.
There is a list of treatments allowable with no waiting, basic treatment after 3 months, more treatment after 12 months and orthodontic after
2 years.
The maximum amount to claim back on either of the 3 plans is 1,000 just for braces, maximum to claim in a lifetime, plus a 100 euro excess.

Child Price (up to age 17 years) Level 4, price 16.10 per month or 193 per year.

Adult Price(age 18 to 39 years) Level 4, price 29.32 per month or 351 per year.

Schedule of dental benefits apply to both adult and children.€1000-.pdf€1500-.pdf€2000-.pdf

More prices apply to higher level plans but still only cover 1,000 expenses for braces.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Snowyb


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thanks Snowyb for the reply, and I'll certainly look at the existing and alternative policies.

Doesn't look like savings to be made, but slightly higher cover for a little higher premium.