Family Financial Health Check - Cost


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I want to get my family financial health checked. I want to know are we saving we enough for rainy day, 3 kids education (now all<7) & are my wife & I pensions in good shape for retirement. Check our insurances/Assurance (death, sickness etc). Also advice on where to put matured State Savings money & children's allowance for the long term.

I have meet with 1 non commission independent QFA who seems very good & wants us to fill out a detailed questionnaire & he will then review & meet us ~ 3 times & finish with a documented detailed financial summary of recommendations. The charge is 900 euro. Is this good value or do folks think there is better value options out there.

It seems expensive but I hope this is something I may do ~ every 10 -15 years & if I set it up correct now, it should pay itself back over the next 40 years easy.....but I am open to other ideas.

thanks in advance,