Fair Deal - Treatment of Unmarried Partner

Gordon Gekko

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The Fair Deal stuff is an area where I struggle. Hopefully someone can help.

In a situation where an elderly couple live together, and have done so for years, but aren’t married, what happens from a Fair Deal perspective if the partner with no assets falls into ill-health and needs long-term care?

So, for example, Tom and Mary live together but aren’t married. Mary needs to go into a nursing home but has no assets and State Pension income of €240 a week.

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Do you own a house, does the partner own a house? Sorry, going to rephrase that. Does either partner own a property because I believe this is when the fair deal kicks in.
The information booklet says this

If you are a member of a couple, the assessment will be based on half of the couple’s combined income and assets. For example, if a couple’s income was €600 per week, the assessment of the person needing care would be based on 50% of €600, or €300. In other words, the person needing care would be considered to have a total income of €300 per week. A couple is defined as (a) a married couple who are living together or (b) a heterosexual or same sex couple who are cohabiting as life partners for at least three years.

Sorry about that, getting our wires crossed. I think the partner that needs help and only has the pension will get into a nursing home (eventually). 80% of the pension will be taken and it shouldn't have any bearing on the property owner. I've just seen what "huskerdu" has written above, but my answer was based on a person in the situation you describe in your original post. I have no idea what conversation took place for it to have the outcome it did.