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    Hopefully an easy one!

    Where someone elects to go on the Fair Deal, is the "80% income contribution" of the state pension
    (a) taken directly from the state pension and passed on to the nursing home (NH) directly from the state; or
    (b) paid by the NH resident (i.e. where normal pension continues to be paid)?
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    In any of the Fair Deal cases that I have been involved in, ones assessed contribution is paid by the resident directly to the nursing home.

    If the NH resident or whoever manages their affairs do not pay the NH, I have heard there is a facility where 80% of state pension can be paid to the NH directly rather than to the resident.

    I have no personal experience of this though.

    Have a look at 42 on page 11 here;
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    Thanks twofor1...…..much appreciated!
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    I have a slightly related query if I may.
    My Mum owns an 80% interest in her primary residence (value eur 500k) with the remaining 20% share held by my sister and myself.
    Question - For the 7,5% annual loan (or deferred payment out of probate if you prefer) by the HSE are we talking 80% of 500k * 7,5% = 30k p.a over max 3 years = 90k
    100% * 500k * 7,5% = 37,5k p.a over 3 years or max 112,5k

    many thanks
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