Explanation of ICB report after exiting bankruptcy

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    I know this topic has been mentioned before but I still didn't come across a case similar to mine.
    I was adjudicated bankrupt in November 2015, exited bankruptcy a year later. My name is still on the mortgage and deeds. The ownership is still vested with the OA.

    The account has been taken over by Tanager. They filed for bankruptcy. First sitting in court took place in January this year. They were instructed to come up with a resolution to avoid repossession. No proposal as of yet. My ex partner has been residing in the property since I moved out 8 years ago. There is very little communication between us but I know he has no intention to take over this mortgage.

    Next one scheduled for June but in the light of recent events related to tanager customers, it's hard to predict what is going to happen in the next few weeks.

    On my credit report there is letter A meaning account assigned to another party. It also says that the scheduled removal date is 13 April 2019. Would this record be correct? Does it reflect my current circumstances?

    Does it mean my debt will be removed from the above report in April 2019 and I will be able to approach a lender again?