Examples of successful appeals for additional tracker compensation...

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Jim Stafford has an excellent thread here:
Issues to consider if appealing Compensation for Tracker Mortgage

This could be complemented by real examples. Could people post details in this thread of claims they have made for additional compensation and whether they have been successful or not.

I suggest the following format:

Lender:Bank of Ireland
Cause: Interest on car loan which would not have been necessary
Amount claimed: €4,000
Amount awarded: €4,000

Lender: AIB
Cause : Emotional distress due to not being able to give kids holidays
Opportunity cost of not contributing to pension fund
Amount claimed: €50,000
Amount awarded: nil.

This is only to do with claims for additional compensation to help people to get an idea of what succeeds and what doesn't.

Don't use this thread for cases of homes lost, switched to a different lender, or wrong interest rates.



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Just wondering if anyone has appealed the compensation awarded.
We are going through the process waiting on a date for an oral hearing with kbc.


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Hi there - my friend did - it was with BOI - the process was relatively painless and they got extra compensation
They did not have an oral hearing by they way - they just got a cheque/bank transfer.


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Lender: AIB
Cause : AIB not giving us the option of returning to our tracker when we requested to breakout.
Amount claimed: €10,000
Amount awarded: €12,000

Hi, we've had success with the appeal panel. Tracker mortgage from 2004, fixed for 10 years ending in 2017. AIB eventually compensated us from 2017 onwards after at first refusing to put us back on our tracker.
I appealed because we had requested to break out of our fixed rate in 2014 and were not given an option of our tracker back. With no tracker option the break out was not worth it so we stayed fixed until 2017. I requested the adjustment be made from 2014 (interest and overpayments, minus the 4000 break out fee). They have accepted this, plus €2000 which I didn't ask for.
Posting the acceptance letter tomorrow.

Detailed here: Appeal to Panel successful. Got tracker rate back from when I tried to break out of fixed rate
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