Ever been to Iceland?

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  1. Thinking of heading up for a weekend or week break with my wife. Intrigued by the history, geography and independence of the people. But what's it really like or is it like a bad weekend (weather wise) on top of the Sugar Loaf as someone once described it.
    Anyone in a few sentences, without the travel agent's slant, got any thoughts or ideas, what to include or avoid, where to stay, what to do, what not to do, when is the best time to go, etc.
    Any replies appreciated.

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    best prices by miles, definitley better than Tesco or Dunnes.
  3. Gongey, you're sad and brain dead. If you've nothing good to say then say nothing at all. Use the spell check too. It will definitely improve your spelling.
    Now go and get a life for yourself
  4. I thought that it was very funny myself. Where would AAM be without the odd smart/funny comment. Stick around and somebody else will probably be along with some useful advice/comment. And chill out (d'oh!). :)
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    Gongey - brilliant response, very witty!!

    Original poster, CHILL out (pun intended)!
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    Also in favour of gongey-like responses every now and then, getting stroppy won't encourage people to respond to your original question.
    However, because I'm a nice guy, a good firend of mine went there about 3 years ago and while he did like it and greatly enjoyed the thermal springs and other geographical attractions he found the prices to be astonishingly high even by Irish standards. So much so that he spent far more than he intended to, his attitude was that he wasn't likely to return but he wanted to enjoy himself and experience whatever was worthwhile so he took the financial hit as money can be replaced but lost opportunities can't.
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    Doesn't the ad on TV say that Tennant's Lager is £15 a pint...
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    One of the only places in Europe wher you can still see the planet being shaped. Bubbling plains of hot mud, steaming sulphurous waterpools, magnificent geysers, hexagonal basalt formations á la Giants Causway, icebergs in the pools at the gletscher mouths ........
    Something that should be experienced. Need good strong boots & thick sweater (get fantastic thick sheeps' wool ones while you're there!) even in July, climate is very changeable. And bring loads of film.
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    Never been my self...But Mum's been.

    (couldnt resist! Sorry)
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    Re: Iceland

    There's a one page article on Reykjavik in the supplement to the Indo today, if that's of any use to you.
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    Re: Iceland

    Hi gongey
    Your response to the Iceland question above was funny-well done. Also, please read my response to your comment under the heading "Des Bishop work experience"- I'd like to hear your response.
  12. Iceland

    If you are talking about the country check out the supplement in today Irish Independent..page 23 everything you need to now about Iceland!
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    Thank you folks for the vote of confidence, most definitely appreciated.



    Thanks HallDoor, your emotive outburst brings joy to my heart.
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    went there in 2000 and it is something pretty special to see - would recommend the volcanic island of Heimaey plus Gulfoss and Geysir.
    prices are high. food in restaurants is dear, maybe suggest lunch from the supermarket and splash out on dinner, chineses have all in one menus which are reasonable (reykjavik).
    Alcohol is dear (Irish pub in Reykjavik we were in the last night - Guinness £5.50 sterling (I was living in uk and thinking stg in those days) - Fosters £5 stg a pint.
    Don't know about hotels, we camped, is a good idea in warmer months, bring a bottle of Jameson to make up for not going to the pub.
    Despite prices was a lovely holiday and some unique memories...
    (I've heard there is a new budget airline icelandairlines or something that goes from stansted - try googling)