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  1. joesoapy

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    Does anyone understand the seeding for the Eurovision?

    I thought only the top 10-15 countries were automatically in the final

    I am alomst sure the UK came last in last years competition but are in the final straight away

    (a bit sad of a question, but it kept me up for 3 mins last nite, well Estonia kept me up for a while at least)
  2. Natchessmen

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    I think I remember reading that because BBC are such a huge financial contributor they will not exclude them.

  3. Euro Expert

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    Qualifying for EUROVISION

    Top ten last year
    Four biggest paymasters, UK, Germany, France & Italy
    10 from the semi-final held last nite
  4. joesoapy

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    Re: Qualifying for EUROVISION

    Always getting picked on by the big boys in Europe

    That is only an indication of how the new europe will be

    We should adopt the Uk approach, we are an island too

    So what if europe has bankrolled us for 30 years

    We are doing well now, f@$" the lot of them


    could they bring in seeding system like in football

    we would be the Brazil of eurovision (if Brazil played eurovision and were in europe)
  5. gerry

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    Who is missing ?

    These are the 36 countries. No doubt some time soon, some countries are going to question why they bother. Anyone know who refuses to participate ?
  6. ajapale

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    Re: Who is missing ?

    Did anyone find it difficult to vote last night?
  7. Marion

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    Who won? I didn't watch it .

    Marion :hat
  8. ajapale

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    Ukraine, I was thinking of investing in some property out there. Do you think it is still a good idea?
  9. Marion

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    Re: stats and Eurovision

    Am ... not too sure :) But, didn't property prices rise in Irland after our string of wins in the late 90s?

    Does anybody else think that only those countries who legitimately belong to the Eurozone should be part of the competition? It is the Euro vision after all!

    Marion :hat
  10. gerry

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  11. ajapale

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    direct correlation between winning & property boom

    Yes, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between winning (or being well placed) and a subsequent boom in the property markets.

    Did you notice that a one stage all five leading countries where former Byzantium / Orthodox countries? Turkey, Greece, Russia, Ukraine etc. I think Sweden might have crept in at the end to upset the apple tart.

    Does any one know the fine piece of classical music that starts and finishes the EV every year? I always thought that it was the European Anthem but its not "Ode to Joy".

    I suggest that next year as a Nation we randomly choose five small countries with some tenuous connection to ourselves. Iceland, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus and Latvia. We should organise a big phone vote for these countries regardless of how good the song is. Keep this going for a few years and watch the votes rolling in.

    Finally, I know the Aussies are facinated with the competition but does anyone know if the US /Canada has any awareness of the competition and if so what do they make of it?

  12. Natchessmen

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    Re: Euro SC

    I had lunch with a US colleague on Friday so we tried to explain the whole thing to her. Starting with the history (evidently a massive test of the New TV networks), moving on to the famous entrants, Celine Dion, ABBA, Cliff, Riverdance ( then the voting history Norway’s failures Ireland's success the block/political voting, Terry Wogan's legendary cynicism, null points, Isreal(?) never got that one meself!!, ....After about 20 minutes she lit up and said oh! it like American Idle..... So no they don’t get it!
  13. Marion

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    Re: Eurovision theme song

    Hi Ajapale

    It's Te deum.

    Marion :hat
  14. ajapale

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    Re: Eurovision theme song

    Thanks Marion,
    Te Deum Laudamus Prelude (1692) by Charpentier
  15. Barnaby

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    QUOTE:"studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between winning (or being well placed) and a subsequent boom in the property markets."

    Just for the record, that was a joke; right?
  16. ajapale

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    Re: .

    Hi Barnaby,
    Have a look at the property investment section and you will see people who are able to rationalise their property investments in exotic locations based on far less.

    But for the record it was a joke ;)

  17. cuchullain

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    euro shopper

    Gerry: Italy is you answer
  18. gerry

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    Italy - did they not qualify or did they opt out ?
  19. lynchtp

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    Well yes indeed.
    While my sister was trying to place a vote on the land line before ever finishing the number the number out of service tone was heard. So I tried my Mobile and was told that the number was barred. Did any one actually vote in Ireland or was it just us.
  20. Dan The Man

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    Televoting in Ireland doesn't work, it never did. It only lasts 10 mins but they can't count the votes.
    That's why in Your a Star they had the results the next night.
    There was a private vote in RTE as there was last year.
    But the best one was you still got charged 58c for trying to vote (RTE entrepreneurship), I noted on the BBC it cost 16p

    I think the reason we came last is because the rest of Europe has it's own type of music that is actually good and our boy band style music is only good for here and the UK! FACT!