Essential Fire works in apartment block - Deductable as CA or repairs for my rental apartment


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We had essential fire works carried out by the management company and paid for by the members (5k each). Is this an allowable repair for rental income of the apartment being let ? Or does it come under capitol allowances ? Or indeed none of the above. Can I claim it as some kind of expense on my form 11 ?
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Would be interested in hearing opinions on this as well. Having reviewed Revenue guidelines:
I don't think the answer is clear.

Expense allowed:
  • repairs, such as rot treatment, mending windows, doors or machines
Perhaps your fire safety works would fall under this.

On the other hand expenses not allowed:

  • capital expenses on property improvements unless allowed under an incentive scheme
Are essential fire safety works an improvement?

I would expect that this is an issue that has affected thousands of landlords over the past few years so I'd hope that someone should be able to shed more light on it.


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This would not be capital in my book. It’s repair. It’s akin to servicing or replacing the boiler would be my view.

And it will have to be done every few years.

To me capital is adding an extension or converting an attic. Something substantial.

One time new double glazing was considered capital. Now it’s not. As an example of how things changed. There was also the thing about garage forecourts, about the canopy overhead. One of the accountants or revenue guys on here might remember that from back in the day.
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I don't think this would be capital - anything adding value to be building such as extensions etc., is considered capital.